23 Mei 2016

[230516.EN.AIR] Mystery Man Signs Up For 30 B737s In Freighter Conversion Bonanza

GLOBAL player in the aircraft passenger-to-freighter conversion business, Aeronautical Engineers Inc (AEI) has signed an agreement to provide up to 30 twelve-pallet position Boeing 737-800SF conversions with an undisclosed customer, reports London's Air Cargo News.

The agreement includes 15 firm orders with an additional 15 options. The modifications for the customer will begin in late 2018 with deliveries beginning in 2019.

The deal follows a recent spate of orders for freighter conversions as companies look to capitalise on the growing express market.

Speculation on who the mystery customer could be is likely to continue in earnest. Chinese airlines SF Express, YTO Express and China Postal have all been busy placing orders of late, although most of these deals have been made public.

The latest deal brings to a total of 80 firm orders and commitments for its 12-pallet position B737-800S AEI has received so far this year. The AEI B737-800SF converted freighter is able to accommodate 11 full-height containers or pallets and one AEP/AEH container for a total of 12 positions.

Depending upon the aircraft model and aircraft weight limits, the AEI B737-800SF will be able to carry a payload of up to 23,587 kilogrammes.

Source : HKSG.

[230516.ID.BIZ] Belgia Tawarkan Diri Mengelola Pelabuhan Patimban

BANDUNG. Lembaga Ekspor dan investasi Kementerian Perindustrian & Perdagangan Wallonia, Belgia mengemukakan niatnya berinvestasi di infrastruktur Jawa Barat. Hal ini dikemukakan Mitchel Kempernees, Chief Operating Officer Overseas lembaga Belgia tersebut ketika bertemu dengan Wakil Gubernur Jawa Barat Deddy Mizwar di Bandung, Senin (23/5).

Kunjungan kerja tersebut merupakan lanjutan dari kunjungan Putri Astrid dari Belgia beberapa waktu yang lalu.

"Kami telah membuat kesepakatan dan sekarang waktunya untuk melakukan aksi yang konkret dan kami akan membangun sebuah kolaborasi," kata Kempernees.

Ia menuturkan, dalam kunjungan tersebut ada beberapa hal yang dibahas seperti ketertarikan Belgia untuk bekerjasama dengan Jawa Barat di bidang logistik, pelabuhan baru dan airport di Jabar, agrikultur, regional Aerospace dan Metalurgi.
Tapi, dia tidak menyebut nilai investasi yang disiapkan. "Itu tergantung dengan kolaborasi satu sama lain. Yang pasti kerja sama kami di bidang logistik, pelabuhan. Bagaimana mengelolanya dan nanti ada platformnya," kata dia.

Dia mengatakan, tertarik bekerja sama dalam pengelolaan Pelabuhan Patimban, Kabupaten Subang. Seperti diketahui, pelabuhan ini ditargetkan menjadi pelabuhan regional, lalu internasional.

"Kami memiliki pelabuhan yang representatif dan bisa dijadikan contoh," kata Kempernees.

Deddy Mizwar menambahkan, pembahasan lainnya adalah mengenai teknologi pengolahan makanan sampai pengolahan sampah.

Dia bilang, akan tetap mengkaji tawaran Belgia serta menyesuaikan dampaknya dengan lingkungan.

Sumber : Kontan, 23.05.16.

22 Mei 2016

[220516.EN.SEA] CMA CGM Develops Aquaviva, a New Container to Transport Live Lobsters

The CMA CGM Group launches Aquaviva, a new generation of containers which allows for the safe carriage of live lobsters in their original sea water.

The development relies on CMA CGM's reefer expertise and the unique technology Innnopure developed by EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture.

Previously lobsters were carried either frozen by sea or alive and on ice by air freight. With the new Aquaviva container, they can now travel by sea in optimal conditions maintaining their natural habitat.

This replicates lobsters' natural living conditions, guarantees correct water temperature throughout, preserves proper oxygen levels thanks to Innnopure technology.

The news set off alarms at New York's Air Cargo World, which had long held that live lobsters were immune to a modal shift.

At the Cargo Facts Asia conference in Hong Kong some hoped that another commodity would take lobsters' place another just as mobile phones replaced laptop computers as an air freight staple.

But live lobsters, long the bread-and-butter of many transatlantic routes, once gone will be hard to replace, many realise.

As seafreight lobsters are carried in optimal conditions during the whole transport process within their natural water, from fishing area until arrival at wholesalers or restaurants. This guarantees first-day freshness and quality even over a long term conservation.

Global innovation resulting from collaboration between CMA CGM and EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture

The arrival of the Aquaviva container is the result of four years of research and development between CMA CGM reefer teams and EMYG Environnement & Aquaculture, a company specialising in water purification and filtration.

This global innovation offers a unique solution in the transportation of live lobsters. Initial markets will be North America and Europe. The collaboration will continue and will allowing maritime transportation for other live seafood.

Source : HKSG.

[220516.ID.BIZ] Dibatasi di AS, Baja Cina Bisa Serbu Indonesia

JAKARTA. Pengetatan impor produk Baja asal China di Amerika Serikat, tak langsung membuka peluang bagi perusahaan Baja Indonesia di negeri paman Sam tersebut. Justru, hal itu membuka ancaman baru bagi industri Baja Indonesia.

Menurut Dadang Danusiri, Direktur Marketing PT Krakatau Steel Tbk (KS), semakin produk China dibatasi di negara lain, maka ancamannya semakin besar untuk Indonesia.

"Bahayanya, nanti Indonesia jadi incaran produk Baja murah China. Maka kita harus segera melakukan aturan dumping bagi produk China," kata Dadang kepada KONTAN, Jumat (20/5).

Selama ini, kata Dadang, beberapa produk Baja China sudah menyerbu Indonesia dan yang baru kena dumping sebatas produk HRC dan BRC.

Jika tak memperluas aturan dumping, Dadang meyakini, seluruh produk Baja China akan masuk. Apalagi, setengah produksi Baja global, berasal dari China.

Dadang juga berharap, pemerintah segera melindungi produk Baja asal Indonesia mulai dari hulu hingga hilir. "Jadi tak cuma di hulu saja, produk turunan Baja seperti seng, galfanis, paku, dan lainnya juga harus segera dilindungi," ujar Dadang.

KS sendiri tidak bisa masuk ke pasar AS karena sudah terkena aturan dumping sebesar 70% sejak 10 tahun lalu. Dan hingga saat ini, kata Dadang, pengenaan dumping dari AS pun terus diperpanjang masa waktunya.

Untuk itu, Dadang menegaskan, KS lebih mengutamakan pemenuhan kebutuhan nasional. "Kalau pun ekspor, biasanya karena di domestik tidak terserap," tambah Dadang.

Selama ini negara-negara tujuan ekspor KS antara lain Malaysia dan Australia. Adapun porsi penjualan ekspor KS masih berkisar 10% dari total penjualan. "Kami tetap fokus memenuhi kebutuhan dalam negeri," jelas Dadang.

Sumber : Kontan, 20.05.16.

21 Mei 2016

[210516.EN.SEA] OOCL Lays Down VGM Law On What It Will Take To Get a Box Aboard

HONG KONG's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) is urging shippers to use electronic means to convey their verified gross mass (VGM) number to comply with the UN's rule that container weights be must be provided for all boxes from July 1.

"OOCL highly encourages shippers to provide the VGM information through efficient and convenient 'e-submission channels'. Should there be a need, OOCL can also cater for 'manual or paper document-based submissions' to meet certain customer requirements," said a statement from the company.

"We, however, DO NOT accept VGM submissions that are communicated to us by phone, voice mail or other verbal means," said OOCL emphatically.

OOCL said its website ?"My OOCL Center" has such facilities and accepts VGM online as batch submissions. It also works through on line market places such as CargoSmart and GT Nexus.

"Information must include booking number, container number, VGM with unit, signature of the shipper or authorised person," said the company.

A number of regulatory authorities have already published their guidelines and regulations to help the industry comply with the new VGM rules while some countries such as China have announced that they are in the final stages of policy development.

"The shipper is responsible for the potential regulatory penalties and all costs associated to the exception handling of the containers without the VGM," said OOCL.

There are two methods of securing a VGM;

Method 1: Weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified weighing equipment.

Method 2; Calculating the sum of the single masses = Mass of cargo items + all packages (pallets, dunnage, securing material packed in the container) + container tare weight as certified and approved by the national authorised body.

But calculating is not allowed for scrap metal, unbagged grain and other cargo in bulk.

"If a container with a gross mass exceeding its maximum permitted limit (the maximum payload) as indicated on the Safety Approval Plate under the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC), the container will not be loaded onto a ship even with the proper VGM documentation," said OOCL.

The shipper must ensure that the VGM is provided sufficiently in advance for use by the ship master and the terminal representative towards the ship stowage plan.

The VGM cut-off time will be advised in the form of a Booking Confirmation once available. We anticipate the VGM cut-off times will vary from one country to another.

Source : HKSG.

[210516.ID.BIZ] Adajek Ramaikan Panggilan Ojek Online

JAKARTA. Bisnis Ojek Online, atau ojek berbasis aplikasi, ternyata semakin gurih. Buktinya, jumlah pemain di bisnis ini terus bertambah.

Salah satu pemain baru adalah brand AdaJek, di bawah bendera PT Ada Solusi Infotech. Ojek Online baru ini akan resmi melayani masyarakat pada 2 Juni 2016 mendatang.

Wakil Direktur AdaJek, Teguh Mubarakh mengatakan, ujung tombak binis ojek beraplikasi adalah rider, sebutan bagi sang pengojek motor.

Sadar akan hal itu, pihaknya kini tengah gencar melakukan perekrutan calon rider. AdaJek menargetkan dapat menjaring 10.000 pemotor atau rider hingga akhir tahun.

Bagaimana caranya?

Teguh membeberkan, pihaknya memberikan semacam "reward" untuk rider berprestasi. Untuk rider AdaJek yang mampu mengumpulkan poin terbanyak, bisa mendapatkan hadiah umroh gratis atau pelesir ke Eropa.

"Rider dengan kilometer terpanjang, order terbanyak, minimal 8 order tiap hari akan berkesempatan untuk umroh dan melakukan kegiatan ibadah lain," ujar Teguh kepada wartawan di Jakarta, Kamis (19/5).

AdaJek membuka pendaftaran rider sejak 25 April 2016. Dari tanggal tersebut hingga saat ini, sudah bergabung sebanyak 500 rider.

Pendaftaran rider AdaJek dapat dilakukan dengan empat cara. Pertama, datang langsung ke kantor pusat di Cibubur. Kedua, dengan mengunjungi situs AdaJek.

Ketiga, menggunakan pesan aplikasi (WhatsApp). Keempat, lewat koordinator lapangan yang ada di Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, dan Jakarta Pusat.

"Kalau menggunakan situs ada di www.adasolusi.com. Kalau WhatsApp dengan nomor 085215538009. Syaratnya, SIM C, KTP, Kartu Keluarga, dan surat pengantar RT," pungkas Teguh.

Sumber : Kontan, 20.05.16.

20 Mei 2016

[200516.EN.BIZ] World Jaguar Logistics To Provide Intelligent Warehousing, Logistics

WORLD Jaguar Logistics, from its warehouse complex Qianwan Bonded Zone on the other side of Jiaozhou Bay opposite Qingdao, provides intelligent warehousing and logistics to clients around the world.

So much so that its success aroused the interest of Qingdao TV, which sent a news crew to report on these fresh developments in the area's logistics sector.

Recalling this public attention, World Jaguar president Wushao Yong said: "We established a thorough network of overseas clients, warehouses, customs clearance and sea-rail transport over the years."

This, he said, was done to promote intelligent warehousing and logistics systems. "We set up integrated online e-commerce platform to provide booking, enquiry information, LCL and tracking services." Mr Wushao said.

"Combining trading and customs clearance with online e-commerce systems and opening online stocking as well as direct mail services," he said.

World Jaguar Logistics' 10 branches at the ports utilise Internet+ to connect local and overseas clients.

Qianwan Bonded Zone has copied the success of Shanghai free trade zone which brings opportunities to World Jaguar Logistics. He also said officials of Qianwan Bonded Zone have advantageous policies to promote growth of company's logistics business, enlarging its overseas network.

World Jaguar Logistics continues to develop new business. Since its first direct purchasing order from the bonded zone, the company has been investing in cross-border e-commerce and construction of local and overseas warehouses. The bonded zone has a 6,000-metre square warehouse specifically for cross-border e-commerce.

Source : HKSG.