13 Juli 2015

[130715.EN.AIR] Lufthansa Cargo Introduces 'Time Window Management' Of Air Freight

LUFTHANSA Cargo has introduced a new cloud-based freight management system called "Direct Ramp", that provides dynamic time window management, allows transparency of process.

"With 'Direct Ramp', Lufthansa Cargo can reduce the costs and increase planning accuracy. All time slots, ramps, docks and parking areas can be planned in advance," said the report.

"Direct Ramp" is a product of EURO-LOG, a Munich-area information technology company specialising in services to the transport sector.

With the aid of Direct Ramp the air freight company coordinates loading and unloading of its customers vehicles at Germany's largest air cargo hub, reports Fresh Plaza, the Dutch fruit and veg news portal.

"We chose this dynamic time slot management solution because EURO-LOG really understood the way our processes work," said Selina Sauer, Lufthansa's woman in charge of the Direct Ramp project.

"This system hasn't only convinced us, our customers are very satisfied too, since the time slots are flexible and quickly available," she said.

Customers can choose the desired time slots Lufthansa employees can determine the duration of import and export with Direct Ramp. Customers also have the opportunity to book the desired time slots via an interface or the internet.

The system automatically checks and confirms all requests and is sufficiently automated to deploy an intelligent algorithm to prioritise solutions. This way time-critical deliveries get priority loading.

Source : HKSG.

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