11 Agustus 2015

[110815.EN.SEA] Panama Canal Expansion Workers' Union Gives Strike Notice to Main Contractor

PANAMA Canal builders in the National Union of Workers of Construction and Similar Industries (SUNTRACS) have given official notice to strike to the main contractor, reports the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

The target of the strike is the Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), the main contractor for the canal's third set of locks project, which is currently 93 per cent complete.

The ACP has repeatedly appealed to both sides to reach an agreement on matters that, by law, only pertain to dealings between GUPC and SUNTRACS members.

Although the owner of the project, ACP is not responsible for labour problems arising from GUPC relations with its unions.

"The ACP is deeply concerned about the situation and is following closely the developments on the matter as its business may be impacted directly if the work is not carried out efficiently and promptly to deliver the project on time," said the canal authority's press statement.

"We look forward to the prompt resolution of this impasse by GUPC and SUNTRACS and will be sure to update all relevant parties as the situation develops," it said.

Source : HKSG.

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