25 Agustus 2015

[250815.EN.BIZ] Maritime CIO Forum, Rotterdam On Cyber Attacks, Cloud, Big Data

THIS year's Maritime CIO Forum in Rotterdam on September 29 will focus on the industry's approach to "genuine road to recovery" and how innovation in maritime communications will drive the future of shipping, and how to maximise efficiencies created by the "next generation" solutions of the Digital Age for the maritime industry.

Other discussions will focus on the future of unmanned vessels; innovating and investing in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT); Big data and analytics to drive innovation, competitiveness and growth; putting information security onto the boardroom agenda; can the cloud lift global trade?; future-proofing your IT infrastructure; and disruptive innovation.

Speakers include Airbus Defence and Space CEO Tore Morten Olsen, BIMCO chief shipping analyst Peter Sand; ESC Global Security cyber security chief Joseph Carson, Ericsson director of shipping Douglas Watson, Iridium maritime director Kyle Hurst and Intelsat maritime product manager Chris Insall.

In addition, coordinator research & innovations, Swedish Maritime Administration, Captain Ulf Svedberg; director of business development, EMEA, Dell OEM Solutions, Mary Etienne; and senior scientist, MARINTEK Dep. Maritime Transport Systems, Ornulf Jan Rodseth.

Source : HKSG.

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