04 September 2016

[040916.EN.BIZ] SCPA Unveils Arrangements For Hanjin Shipping Containers At Its Terminals

THE South Carolina Ports Authority has released an advisory to stakeholders outlining the arrangements for empties, import and export containers related to Hanjin Shipping in the wake of the South Korean shipping line filing for bankruptcy.

The SCPA said no empty Hanjin Shipping containers will be released from terminals until further notice. All Hanjin empty returns for boxes out-gated in Charleston must be returned to North Charleston Terminal.

Empties outgated from Charleston on an export booking, but a returning empty, require a gate to receive an empty EIR generated by Hanjin for the North Charleston Terminal. Empty returns for import loads out-gated from Inland Port Greer will be returned to Greer.

With regards to exports, Hanjin export loads will not be received in Charleston or Greer from September 1. Return to shipper requests for export loads already on terminal will require the approval of both Hanjin and the beneficial cargo owner (BCO)/responsible party. Hanjin will have to create an out EIR for the move.

The SCPA has waived the non-vessel delivery fee for export loads out-gated. Empties created from the cargo removal must be returned to North Charleston Terminal.

As for import containers the port authority said it will continue to allow imports that discharged prior to September 1 out the gate with no restrictions. All import loads discharged from September 1 will be placed on hold until all SCPA charges are paid.

The port authority will collect all port and throughput charges totalling US$350 per container from the BCO/responsible party with authorisation required from Hanjin. Payment is required prior to manual release of hold and outgate.

Source : HKSG.

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