02 Februari 2014

[020214.EN.BIZ] Khorgas Rail Checkpoint Handles 1.5 Million Tonnes in 11 Months

AS of November 30, Khorgas railway checkpoint, on the Sino-Kazakh border in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, has handled 1.51 million tonnes of freight in this year.

Most of these cargo were exports, which weighed 1.45 million tonnes, 55,100 tonnes were imports, according to Xinhua's report.

The second Sino-Kazakh railway was open for traffic in December 2012. During the first year of operation, cargo traffic on the railway was growing steadily.

Shipments flowed from eastern and southern cities like Lianyungang, Ningbo, Qingdao and Chongqing via the checkpoint to Central Asia and Europe. The Lianyungang-Khorgas cargo railway service moved more than 40,000 TEU of exports to the checkpoint.

Khorgas checkpoint railway station director Ma Yinong said since commencement of operation, the trains passing the checkpoint has grown from one or two to as many as six per day during peak season.

The variety of freight has also increased from only containers to oversized cargo, then also to house articles breakbulk. The checkpoint's efficiency has also been enhanced, now a cargo train can finish clearance procedures and be released on the same day it arrives.

The Khorgas railway checkpoint expansion project has been finished, which brings the checkpoint 14 broad gauge lines, 17 standard gauge lines, six groups of 12 transshipping tracks, and other new handling facilities.

Source : HKSG.

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