04 Juni 2015

[040615.EN.SEA] Maersk Indonesia Launches Mobile Container Exhibition To Promote Trade

MAERSK Line Indonesia has launched a mobile container exhibition today in Jakarta, with the theme "Moving Global Trade".

This mobile container exhibition will go around the country to promote global trade and showing how Maersk Line facilitates this, said a company statement.

The mobile container was officially launched by representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Jakob Sorensen, president director of Maersk Line Indonesia.

The launch event included a panel discussion with the two Ministry representatives on current hot topics such as the impact of Indonesia's exports due to the policy for the fisheries sector, the country's trade balance, infrastructural needs.

Global trade flows and local policies impact Indonesia trade volumes. "For Quarter 1 2015, we have seen an increase in export volumes to the United States, driven by the US economy and the stronger US dollar," said Mr Sorensen. 

"But exports to Europe have seen slowing growth compared to last year, as the inventory build-up has come to a stop. Exports to oil dependent nations such as West Africa have also fallen due to the drop in oil price," he said.

Source : HKSG.

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