23 Juni 2015

[230615.EN.SEA] Retailer's Suit Against Zim Quashed When Ruled As An 'Act of God'

A US DISTRICT Court has ruled that Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was an "Act of God" and, therefore, absolves the defendant, Israeli-flag carrier Zim, from liability, reports American Shipper.

Retail department store chain Lord & Taylor had sued Zim Integrated Shipping Services for damage to 211 cartons of sweaters that were in two containers.

The sweaters were damaged after they were offloaded from a Zim ship at New York Container Terminal (NYCT) on Staten Island days before the terminal was heavily damaged in the storm.

Based on the retail sales value of the sweaters, Lord & Taylor suffered a loss of US$206,972.

Judge Analisa Torres ruled the New York Container Terminal had no "reasonable or practical way" to protect over 2,200 containers damaged in the storm.

Source : SN-TR.

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