14 September 2014

[140914.EN.SEA] Maersk Line Revamps West Africa Port Coverage To Cope With Ebola Outbreak

MAERSK has made changes to West African port coverage starting this week in compliance with stricter measures to cope with the deadly Ebola outbreak now threatening to spread worldwide.

All revised network maps are available on http://www.maerskline.com, said the company release.

These are Maersk Line's new rotations via Algeciras and Tangier:

WAF1. Tangier, Algeciras, Abidjan, Onne, San Pedro and back to Tangier.

WAF2. NEW rotation: Tangier, Algeciras, Lome, Cotonou, Douala, Lome and back to Tangier.

WAF3. No change: Tangier, Algeciras, Apapa, Tincan, Tema and back to Tangier.

WAF5. No change: Algeciras, Vigo, Leixoes, Lisbon, Algeciras, Luanda, Walvis Bay, Conakry and back to Algeciras.

WAF5+. No change: Tangier, Algeciras, Luanda, Lobito and Takoradi.

WAF6: NEW rotation: Tangier, Algeciras, Apapa, Cotonou and back to Tangier,

WAF7: NEW service. Rotation: Tangier, Algeciras, Monrovia, Conakry, Freetown and back to Tangier.

WAF8: No change: Tangier, Algeciras, Nouakchott, Banjul and back to Tangier.

WAF9: New rotation: Lisbon, Leixoes, Algeciras, Mindelo, Praia, Bissau, Tangier and Algeciras.

WAF10: No change: Algeciras, Tangier, Pointe Noire, Libreville, Malabo, Bata, Abidjan and back to Algeciras. (Malabo and Bata are served alternate weeks only).

WAF13: NEW rotation: Algeciras, Tangier, Dakar and back to Algeciras.

Matadi feeder: No change: Pointe Noire, Matadi and back to Pointe Noire.

Cabinda feeder: No change: Pointe Noire, Cabinda and back to Pointe Noire.

Nouadhibou feeder: No change: Algeciras, Nouadhibou and back to Algeciras.

"We have been able to carry out the changes with only smaller impact on transit times, however, it will enable Maersk Line to provide a continued reliable port coverage," said a company statement.

Source : HKSG.

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