01 Oktober 2014

[011014.EN.SEA] 420 Bottles of Burgundy Wines Complete 80-day Round-the-world Sea Voyage

THE world's third largest container shipping company, CMA CGM, announced that the 420 bottles of Burgundy wine have arrived in Le Havre on September 17 after more than three months at sea on board the vessels CMA CGM Manet and CMA CGM Azure.

The operation was organised by CMA CGM and JF Hillebrand, the world's leading wines and spirits logistics provider, together with the Confrerie du Tastevin in to promote Burgundy and show container transport preserves wine's aroma and flavour.

The 80-day trip around the world began on June 14 in the great tradition of epics inspired by Jules Verne, from the Panama Canal to the Suez Canal, Sydney, Singapore, via Port Kelang, Chennai, Colombo, Damietta, Malta, Genoa, Tilbury, Rotterdam and Hamburg, completing their journey across five continents.

During a ceremony on June 7 at the Chateau du Clos de Vougeot, the selected wines were loaded in a reefer box that mainstains the wine at a constant 15 degrees centigrade providing both protection and proper preservation during transport.

In mid-October wine tasting will be held to compare the wines that travelled with those that were stored in the Cistercian cellar during the time of the trip.

Source : HKSG.

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