24 Oktober 2014

[241014.EN.SEA] Global Supply of Box Shipping Capacity Decreased in September

THE supply of container shipping capacity decreased in September year on year as the rate of production slowed, said shipping analysts at DNB Markets in Oslo.

Deliveries added 74,000 TEU to the total fleet, while demolitions removed 16,000 TEU from the market, leaving a net increase of 57,000 TEU, reported Denver-based IHS Maritime 360.

On an annualised level, this implied deliveries running at 5.5 per cent of the existing fleet, while the figure for scrappings stood at 1.1 per cent.

"We estimate that effective supply decreased with the equivalent of -187,000 TEU, resulting in an effective net change of -130,000 TEU or an annualised -8.7 per cent," said Nicolay Dyvik, Oyvin Berle and Petter Haugen, the analysts at DNB Markets.

As far as the demand side is concerned, the UK's Container Trade Statistics (CTS) said last week that the total volume of seaborne container trade amounted to 11.72 million TEU in August, which was slightly lower than the 11.81 million figure for the previous month, but higher than the 11.09 million TEU in August 2013, said the report.

Source : HKSG.

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