02 Oktober 2015

[021015.EN.AIR] Lufthansa Flies 15,000 Camp Beds From America For Refugees in Germany

THE German Red Cross and Lufthansa Cargo have flown more than 15,000 camp beds in recent days from North America to Germany to provide sleeping accommodation for incoming refugees.

Thousands of camp beds were urgently needed in Germany because all available beds in Europe are already occupied.

On Tuesday morning Lufthansa flight LH419 from Washington landed on time at 7:23am at the airline's hub in Frankfurt after a 6:50 hour flight.

On board the Boeing 747-8 were 1,000 camp beds. The remaining beds, divided over 12 flights, were transported to Frankfurt in the days preceding. The cargo airline undertook the transport at cost price.

The total volume of the cargo amounted to nearly 120 tonnes, divided between 271 pallets. The beds were desperately needed by refugees who are being looked after by the German Red Cross in emergency accommodation and was provided by both the Canadian and the American Red Cross.

"At the moment the German Red Cross are attending more than 288 emergency accommodations for 82,000 refugees nationwide. In addition, we will support the federal government with the provision of further shelters for refugees.

In order to carry this out, rapid logistics solutions, such as we are able to implement now with Lufthansa Cargo, are indispensable", said the German Red Cross General Secretary Christian Reuter.

Said Lufthansa Cargo CEO Peter Gerber: "We are very happy to be able to make a small contribution to the valuable work of the German Red Cross."

Source : HKSG.

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