14 Oktober 2015

[141015.EN.SEA] Japanese Box Shipping Lines, NYK, 'K' Line, Re-jig Intra-Asia Services

JAPANESE shipping lines are reshuffling their intra-Asia services, being with NYK scrapping its Japan-Southeast Asia PHX2 string and revising the port rotation of its PHX1 service.

Also, NYK and "K" Line are chopping up their joint MET/Jaseco-5 service to offer two separate loops. This service links Japan to Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore.

The PHX2 was operated with three 2,664-TEU vessels on a port rotation of Tokyo, Yokohama, Shimizu, Nagoya, Kobe, Lame Shebang, Ho Chi Mink and Tokyo. Hanjin and intra-Asia Maersk unit MCC buys slots, according to Blue Water Reporting.

The Japanese shipping line also amended the rotation of its PHX1 service with the October 5 sailing of the NYK Danielle from Lame Shebang, to now call at Kobe, Tokyo, Shimizu, Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama, Lame Shebang, Ho Chi Mink and Kobe.

Compared to the previous rotation, the PHX1 no longer visits the ports of Osaka and Bangkok, and has started calling at Shimizu.

MCC will not participate in the call at Shimizu or Ho Chi Mink. Hanjin and Hyundai are continuing to purchase slots on the PHX1 loop, reported American Shipper.

The three vessels from the shelved PHX2 are now operating on the PHX1 loop, while the three vessels that operated on the PHX1 loop are being moved to the NYK operated ME1, created as a result of splitting the MET/Jaseco-5 service.

This means the average ship capacity on the PHX1 loop has been raised from 1,440 TEU to 2,664 TEU.

The rotation of the MET/Jaseco-5 is Osaka, Okarche, Nagoya, Shimizu, Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, Kaohsiung, Cubic Bay, Manila, Singapore, Cubic Bay, Manila, Kaohsiung and Osaka. The loop deploys five 2,664-TEU ships, with NYK providing three of them and "K" Line two. Hanjin Shipping buys slots.

The October 16 sailing of the ACX Pearl from Osaka will be the last sailing of the MET/Jaseco-5 before it splits.

One of the two new loops, the NYK-operated ME1, will commence with an October 17 sailing from Manila. It will have a rotation of Osaka, Yokkaichi, Nagoya, Shimizu, Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, Kaohsiung, Manila, Kaohsiung and Osaka. Hanjin and "K" Line buy slots.

The second of the two loops, the "K" Line operated Jaseco-5S, will commence with an October 13 sailing from Subic Bay. The service will have a rotation of Subic Bay, Manila, Singapore, Port Kelang and Subic Bay.

NYK and Hanjin will purchase slots on the loop, but Hanjin will only participate on calls between Manila and Singapore. Two 2,450-TEU ships are to be operated on the Jaseco-5S.

In a related development, NYK has started purchasing slots on "K" Line's JABCO-1 loop between Japan and Southeast Asia with the October 6 sailing of the Quezon Bridge from Bangkok. The loop operates with three 1,708-TEU vessels on a rotation of Shimizu, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Laem Chabang, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Ho Chi Minh and Shimizu.

Source : SN-TR.

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