10 Februari 2016

[1002116.EN.SEA] CSCL Indian Ocean: Salvage Successful Within Minutes

On Feb 9 short past 2 a.m. the On-Scene-Coordinator (OSC) started the salvage of the "CSCL Indian Ocean" and handed over the further command to the tow master. During the salvage work, the Elbe had been barred for ship traffic between the buoys 111 and 120, and the multi purpose ship “Neuwerk” and the water police secured the exclusion zone.

The fire brigade Cuxhaven was ready to attend in case needed. The tide was 1,2 meters higher than normal due to the strong SW wind.

Smit had positioned the strongest of the tugs on scene, the "Union Manta" and "Fairmount Expedition", at the aft, supported by the “Bugsier 9”. The “ZP Boxer” and “Bugsier 8” were positioned at the bow, the remaining eight tugs „Bugsier 10“, „Bugsier 7“, „Bugsier 3“, Bugsier 2“, „ZP Bulldog“, „SD Rover“ und „SD Dolphin“were pushing at port side.

Before, 45000 cubic meters river bottom at starboard side, around the bow and the stern had been removed by dredgers. At 2.06 a.m. the stern was freed, and at 2.20 a.m. the container ship was pulled into the fairway. Immediately after the salvage a DO 228 aircraft carried out an oil surveillance flight.

After first investigations and testings it was fully seaworthy with the rudder working. Five tugs pulled into the Waltershofer Port in Hamburg where it was berthed at 5.45 a.m. The river was reopened for shipping then, three boxships had meanwhile dropped anchor on the Elbe roads.

The ship was loaded with 6614 containers, among them 19 reefer containers and 22 with hazardous goods such as batteries or fuel, but no explosives. In Hamburg 3017 boxes with an equivalent of about 6000 TEU were to be unloaded.

A spare part for the electronic component which had caused the rudder failure was ready to be fixed in Hamburg so that it was expected that the ship could leave the port again on Feb 12 with the morning tide.

If further repairs were necessary, they would be carried out in a shipyard in the Far East. Urgent cargo which was to be loaded onto the ship in Hamburg has been diverted to other boxships during the recent days.

Source : SN-TR, 09.02.16.

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