18 November 2013

[181113.EN.BIZ] Xian And Urumchi Customs Make Efforts To Build 'Silk Road Economic Belt'

XIAN and Urumchi Customs are to build a "silk road economic belt" to further their cooperation in terms of enhancing cross-customs teamwork, offering support for national energy resources project and cracking down on smuggling, reports Xinhua.

The two sides have signed a cooperation memorandum, under which they will further promote regional customs clearance reform, provide support for the launch of Xian-Almaty international freight service.

Also, clearance mode of "apanage declaration, port verification" will be widely implemented for class A or above enterprises and class B manufacturing export firms in Shaanxi province to enhance efficiency and facilitate trade growth.

In addition, they will improve their regulatory measures to support the imports of energy equipment, pipeline oil and natural gas as well as to make continuous efforts to combat all illegal and criminal activities.

Source : HKSG.

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