23 November 2013

[231113.EN.LOG] IAG Cargo Provides Relief To Philippines Following Super Typhoon

IAG CARGO, the holding company of British Airways and Iberia, has offered aid agencies the use of a freighter aircraft to fly emergency aid and supplies to the Philippines from its freighter base at Stansted airport following Typhoon Haiyan.

The Boeing 747 freighter with capacity for up to 120 tonnes of cargo carried much needed aid from Oxfam, Save the Children and The Reina Sofia Foundation to Billund, Denmark to pick up further supplies from UNICEF. It will then collect further supplies from Sharjah in the UAE, before going on to its final destination of Manila in the Philippines.

IAG Cargo and Iberia flew six tonnes of medicines on November 15 on behalf of The Reina Sofia Foundation from Spain to London to join the relief flight to the worst affected regions of the Philippines.

According to Oxfam's humanitarian director Jane Cocking, its teams are on the ground to deliver the aid to some of the worst affected areas. "But we urgently need to bring more supplies in and this IAG Cargo flight will enable us to do just that, helping us to provide emergency supplies and shelter to thousands of people who are in desperate need."

The relief cargo will include six tonnes of medicines donated by the Reina Sofia Foundation in collaboration with Normon Laboratories with materials including antibiotics, analgesics and anaesthetics.

Save the Children's Robbie McInyre said the flight will provide over 310,000 litres of safe drinking water as well as equipment to support sanitary toilet facilities. "During disasters such as this it's always a challenge to get equipment of this type into the areas of most need, so we are hugely grateful to IAG Cargo for giving us space on this flight," he added in a statement from the cargo carrier.

In addition, two of IAG Cargo's trucking partners have joined the Philippines relief effort. Jan de Rijk and Saints Transport have provided free road services for both UNICEF and Oxfam respectively, in order to ensure the efficient delivery of aid.

Source : HKSG.

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