19 Agustus 2014

[190814.EN.SEA] Loading Delays Hit 10,000 TEU-plus Ships Hardest at Ports in Americas

DELAYS in loading containerships at ports in North and South America are more likely to affect vessels of 10,000 TEU and above than smaller vessels, statistics show.

In July 33 per cent of the 587 vessel arrivals at Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santos were delayed by more than 12 hours, according to shipment management software company CargoSmart.

Sixteen per cent of those vessels were delayed by at least 24 hours.

There were 66 arrivals of ship with a capacity of 10,000 TEU-plus in July, of which 47 per cent were delayed more than 12 hours while 21 per cent were delayed more than 24 hours.

"Compared to the overall average, large vessels' delays were greater," said CargoSmart as reported Platts McGraw Hill Financial in New York.

Los Angeles was the best-performing port with an average delay of 10.8 hours for all vessels and just four hours for large containerships.

Buenos Aires was the worst performer for overall delays (23.2 hours) while Santos was the worst for large vessels (20.4 hours).

At Santos 45.5 per cent of the 10,000 TEU-plus vessels that called at the port experienced delays in July.

Source : SN-TR, 17.08.14.

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