27 Agustus 2014

[270814.EN.SEA] Box Carriers Make Final Adjustments to Trade Routes in Latter Peak Season

QUARTERLY service changes to China's outbound cargo flow appeared to represent last minute adjustments before shipping lines settled into this year's peak season.

The changes resulted in quarterly capacity increases of seven per cent while full-year capacity had been expected to rise only two per cent, but is now anticipated to be higher.

Utilisation rates are set to peak at 87 per cent during the third quarter.

Asia-West Africa shipping lines seem to be balancing supply with demand, noted Lloyd's List with volumes expected to rise nine to 11 per cent this year and capacity to go up 10 per cent.

More Asia-West Africa direct services were evident in second quarter, rather using traditional transshipments via the Med as faster transit times grow more popular with shippers.

MSC, Cosco, Evergreen and MOL started direct services in the second quarter deploying 3,300- to 4,000-TEU ships.

Nile Dutch and PIL have combined their FEWA and SW3 service, a loop that provides the same space as before because of the larger ships deployed.

Asia-Oceania trade lanes continued to suffer from slow growth and overcapacity with volumes expected to rise three to four per cent this year.

The transpacific trade felt the impact of alliance changes during the quarter. On the west coast, Evergreen and the CKYH Alliance combined two small 4,200 TEU services (PSW4 and CAX) into one loop (Cosea/HTW).

Also, CSCL and UASC established a new 8,600-TEU service (AAS2), with gaps filled and some larger ships deployed on various Mexico/South America loops.

G6 lines has services to the transpacific west coast trade, ending southeast Asia loop and replacing it with two new China services.

Overall, capacity is expected to expand two per cent with volumes rising three per cent, which would result in 86 per cent utilisation in the third quarter.

Asia-east coast North America experienced changes in the second quarter, which included Evergreen's 4,200-TEU AUE Panama loop being replaced by a new Suez-routed 8,000 TEU service run with the CKYH alliance.

Also, the G6 Alliance and Zim resumed running separate services after these had been combined in the winter months.

Source : HKSG.

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