29 November 2014

[291114.EN.LOG] Canadian Pacific Chief Operating Officer Hailed as 'Railroad Innovator'

IN recognition of his contribution to the railway industry Canadian Pacific's (CP) president and chief operating officer, Keith Creel, has been named Progressive Railroading's "Railroad Innovator" of the year at the RailTrends conference in New York.

Mr Creel has been serving as CP president and COO since February 2013.

Said Mr Creel: "I've been fortunate in my career to have known and worked with several of the past recipients of this award and am humbled to be counted in their company."

During his acceptance speech at the event he highlighted that innovation is engrained in the culture of CP and always starts with a conversation between people who are looking for a better way to do something.

The railway is committed to leading the discussion on North American rail transport in a bid to improve productivity for the industry as a whole, a company statement said.

Mr Creel began his railroading career in 1992 in Birmingham, Alabama as an intermodal ramp manager at Burlington Northern after serving in the United States Army. 

Source : HKSG.

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