30 Januari 2015

[300115.EN.SEA] CMA CGM to Start Academy to Instil Values And Corporate Culture

The CMA CGM Group is pleased to announce the opening of the CMA CGM Academy, its new in-house business school within its Marseilles headquarters.

The first in-house school was launched years ago to make the group's collaborators' training a priority. Today, this priority is being reinforced with the CMA CGM Academy.

Students will receive instruction in shipping, management and intercultural courses to assist them working with different countries and improve their cultural understanding.

Fifty-three CMA CGM trainers will tutor 285 courses. Those half-day to six-days courses will be taught in one of the 11 dedicated rooms. The CMA CGM Academy was also planned as a global digital project, with trainings accessible at any moment by all of the 20,000 CMA CGM collaborators 450 e-learning courses.

Said CMA CGM vice president Thierry Billion: "With the CMA CGM Academy, our group is investing in innovative tools to go on improving operational performance and to convey its values and corporate culture. With the CMA CGM Academy, our group development develops along with our collaborators' skills."

Source : HKSG.

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