31 Januari 2015

[310115.EN.SEA] Dockers Again Walk Out in Portland After a Half-day Slo-mo Shift

MANILA's International Container Terminals Services Inc (ICTSI), which runs Portland, Oregon's sole container port, said dockers have hit out a second time with another wildcat strike.

ICTSI Oregon lawyer Michael Garone said action by the International Warehouse and Longshore Union (ILWU) goes "far beyond what other west coast ports are experiencing" in terms of sabotage to the supply chain.

US west coast ports have been plagued with go-slows and acts to supply chain sabotage as labour contract talks drag on inconclusively since May despite the recent arrival of a federal mediator.

Mr Garone said this time ILWU members "worked during the morning, but walked off the job without notice at 1:15pm, reported American Shipper.

The day before, he said, the "ILWU ordered a 12-hour work stoppage" commencing at 7am.

"Work stoppages like this cause serious hardship to truckers, shippers and the general public," he said.

"During the busy 2014 holiday season, ILWU engaged in 36 work stoppages and slowdowns of various types and for varying durations. Similar efforts, along with intentional labour shortages, have continued into the first month of 2015," said Mr Garone.

"Productivity continues to fall well below acceptable historical levels. In May 2012, prior to the labour dispute that arose in June 2012, ILWU labour was producing 24.8 moves per hour. However, in the last quarter of 2014, ILWU labour was producing 13.2 moves per hour - a 47 per cent reduction," he said.

"Terminal 6 is the only international shipping container terminal in Oregon. As such, it is a powerful economic engine to the region that offers significant benefits to thousands of businesses, workers and consumers.

"For this reason, the ILWU's deliberate and continuous work delays since June 2012 threaten the terminal's future viability as a critical hub of regional economic activity," Mr Garone said.

Source : HKSG.

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