04 Februari 2015

[040215.EN.SEA] LA-Long Beach Congestion Crisis Sets Records, 22 Ships Waiting to Berth

A NEW record was set in the LA-Long Beach congestion crisis when 22 ships were queued up waiting for berth in the outer San Pedro Bay harbour.

Of the ships at anchor, 16 were containerships, totalling 100,000 TEU.

The biggest was the 10,000-TEU CSCL Summer, while other vessels in anchorages included the 9,400 TEU CMA CGM Rigoletto, 8,500 TEU Hanjin Long Beach and 8,500 TEU Xin Fei Zhou.

The Marine Exchange, which acts as something of a harbour master for the San Pedro Bay area, was induced to open temporary anchorages because of the growing number of vessels arriving.

More ships are due to arrive. Worsening delays come as word is awaited of settlement of contract negotiations between the dockers union and the waterfront employers, which have dragged on since May.

The dockers union, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, have been engaging in go-slows, while management, grouped in the Pacific Maritime Association, resist giving more control to the union. A federal mediator has been appointed but his impact, if any, is not apparent.

Source : HKSG.

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