20 Februari 2015

[200215.EN.AIR] Air Forwarders Lose Market Share In Africa And Latin America

AMSTERDAM air cargo consultancy WorldACD says analysis has shown that the top 20 global air freight forwarders slightly under performed in 2014 compared with smaller freight forwarders around the world.

This comes as the major players have been gaining market share in Asia and North America, but are continuing to lose ground in Africa and Latin America.

WorldACD announced that the worldwide air cargo volume increased by 6.4 per cent last year, adding that growth was fairly evenly spread among larger and smaller forwarders, Lloyd's Loading List reported.

But it noted marked differences in distribution changes globally, based on the inputs of 50 (mostly large) airlines, who provide their full worldwide Air Waybill-data (AWB-data) monthly.

The top 20 forwarders worldwide outgrew their smaller rivals in the large markets of Asia Pacific (10.5 per cent versus eight per cent) and North America (nine per cent vs. 5.5 per cent). In Europe, the balance between the two groups was more or less maintained.

However, this elite group achieved lower growth, and thus lost share, in the smaller market regions of Africa (down three per cent vs. a nine per cent increase), Latin America (+4.5 per cent vs. +11 per cent) and the Middle East & South Asia (minus -two per cent vs. +two per cent).

Worldwide, the top 20 forwarders slightly under performed when compared with the smaller forwarders.

The top 20 forwarders accounted for 42.3 per cent of international business last year, according to the analysis, which shows that their share was largest in Europe (55 per cent) and North America (48 per cent), and smallest in Africa (12 per cent), the Middle East and South America (20 per cent).

In the remainder of the top 100, one forwarder lost 27 per cent while another more than doubled its business. The many thousands of forwarders outside the top 100, accounting for 44 per cent of total business, showed a performance above average, the organisation added.

Source : HKSG.

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