10 Februari 2015

[100215.EN.LOG] Canadian Pacific Tanker Cars Derail in Iowa, Lie Flat on Frozen Mississippi

THREE tanker cars derailed north of Dubuque, Iowa, coming to rest on the frozen Mississippi River, with one spilling ethanol fuel and catching fire, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) said.

Thirteen cars and two engines came off the track with two having been put back on the track, CP said, adding that fires had burnt out on their own accord.

CP said it is working closely the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, US Fish & Wildlife, and the US Environmental Protection Agency in monitoring efforts.

"We have established 40 separate monitoring sites at one-mile increments for 10 miles down the river (originally communicated as 10 sites total) downriver that will be able to detect the presence of ethanol in the water, as well as the level of dissolved oxygen," said CP.

Source : HKSG / Photos : Dailymail.

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