06 Februari 2015

[060215.EN.SEA] Oz Health 'n Safety Scolds Ban Indonesian Ships From Ports

THE rising tide of regulation has banned several Indonesian ships from Australian ports for failing to have "effective passage planning and use of appropriate charts and publications".

Such are the offences these days that ended three of Meratus Line's ships trade to Australia as the number of hoops on which regulators insist increase exponentially.

"It is very unfortunate and Meratus Line’s management deeply regrets the situation," said the company statement.

"There shall remain no doubt that Meratus Line is fully committed to complying with all relevant international conventions," said Charles Menaro, CEO of the Surabaya multi-purpose carrier.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) barred the 6,400-dwt Red Rover from entering or using any of its ports after it was detained for the third time since September last year.

This is the third Meratus ship to have been banned, with the 3,194-dwt Territory Trader and the 3,400-dwt Meratus Sangatta both receiving bans.

"All three demonstrated they were not being managed to meet applicable standards," said the AMSA.

"We will spare no efforts in our obligation to meet and exceed the high International standards which AMSA is safe guarding," said Mr Menaro, whose ships have been plying this trade for 50 years.

Source : HKSG.

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