06 Juli 2014

[060714.EN.LOG] Schenker Flies 141-tonne Fertiliser Boiler From Berlin to Edmonton

GERMANY's DB Schenker Logistics has moved a 141-tonne waste heat boiler from Berlin to Edmonton using the world's largest cargo plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, an inland waterway vessel and a heavylift vehicle. 

The heavy piece from the Borsig company began its journey from Borsig's port to Edmonton in Canada under the direction of DB Schenker.

The 16-metre long cooler was first be loaded onto an inland waterway vessel in Borsig's port on June 20 using a mobile crane weighing 1,000 tonnes. The barge then moved the piece to Aken on the Elbe. 

From there, DB Schenker used a crane to transship the boiler onto a heavy-load transport vehicle on June 23. This vehicle transported the cargo to the Leipzig/Halle Airport with one pulling and one pushing truck. 

DB Schenker began loading the boiler into the six-engine Antonov AN 225 with its 88 metre wingspan. Karpeles Flight Services handled the charter. The boiler was put into the plane using special chain hoists. 

The boiler flew to Canada, where Schenker's Canadian unit handled transport to a fertiliser factory near Edmonton. Schenker experts spent three months planning the heavy-weight transport in detail, said a company statement.

Source : HKSG.

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