24 Juli 2014

[240714.EN.SEA] Matson Fined US$9 Million And Agrees To Pay $950,000 To Whistleblower

JONES Act carrier Matson Navigation has agreed to pay a US$9 million to the US Government for violations under the False Claims Act and agreed to pay $950,000 to the man who informed on the company, reported American Shipper.

Matson said it entered into a settlement agreement on July 17 with the federal government over a whistleblower lawsuit that claimed false fuel surcharges were imposed on military household goods moved in part by rail or truck.

Matson, in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, said it agreed to pay to the federal government $9 million in settlement of all claims and $950,000 to informer Mario Rizzo for expenses, attorney's fees and costs.

Source : HKSG.

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