04 Desember 2014

[041214.EN.SEA] LA-LB Congestion Has Wider Impact On Global Schedule Reliability: SeaIntel

TRANSPACIFIC and Oceania-North America trades continued to experience declining schedule reliability in October due to on-going congestion in Los Angeles/Long Beach, says the SeaIntel Global Liner Performance report.

Data shows that compared to September, transpacific schedule reliability fell three per cent eastbound to an overall on-time performance of 58 per cent in October. Westbound, it fell one per cent to an on-time rate of 71 per cent during the same period.

The congestion also impacted schedule reliability on the North America-Oceania run where it cut on-time performance nine per cent and on the Oceania-North America route where it fell 17 per cent.

"It is our assumption that the decrease in on-time performance is clearly linked to the congestion," said SeaIntel operations chief Alan Murphy.

"The situation in California must be frustrating for shippers and carriers, who see schedule reliability and container delivery having declined by 23.5 and 24 percentage points, respectively," he said.

From a North European perspective, October was a good month as congestion eased in the main hubs in the region, which is also reflected in schedule reliability in the important trade lane between Asia and North Europe.

Performance on the Asia-North Europe trade lane improved by 11 percentage points to 76 per cent from September to October. The increase in schedule reliability is reflected across all the carriers engaged in the trade lane.

Finally, from a global perspective schedule increased from 73 per cent in September to 74.6 per cent in October. Schedule reliability in October is based on 11,164 vessel arrivals.

Source : HKSG.

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