20 Desember 2014

[201214.EN.SEA] John Butler to Replace Chris Koch as CEO of World Shipping Council in July

THE World Shipping Council (WSC), representing the top 10 container shipping companies, has announced the retirement on July 31 of its president and CEO Chris Koch (photo) and his replacement with council vice president and general counsel John Butler.

"Chris has decided to move to the Sonoma Valley in California ¡V a beautiful place that he loves," said WSC chairman Ron Widdows.

"During his 15 years of leadership, he helped the liner shipping industry build WSC into a respected advocacy organisation that represents the industry effectively in Washington, in Brussels, at the International Maritime Organisation and World Customs Organisation," said Mr Widdows.

"John Butler will provide a seamless transition for the Council's efforts on behalf of the liner shipping industry. John will have served as WSC's general counsel for five years, and prior to that worked on liner shipping issues for 18 years at the renowned maritime law firm of Sher & Blackwell," he said.

Said Mr Koch: "WSC has a staff of exceptional, talented, respected and knowledgeable people. It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with them, with the WSC board and with the leadership of WSC member companies.

"While the regulatory and governmental policy issues facing the industry will continue to be challenging, the WSC under John Butler's leadership will continue to meet those challenges," Mr Koch said.

Said Mr Butler: "WSC is recognised as a thoughtful and effective voice for the liner shipping industry. I am excited about helping the industry continue its efforts and I appreciate the board's confidence in my assuming the leadership of this fine organisation."

Source : SN-TR.

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