10 April 2015

[100415.ID.SEA] Aden Still Closed By Shelling, Other Ports Open Despite Looming Blockade Risk

SHELLING from pro-Iranian Houthi tanks has closed the Port of Aden, where street-to-street fighting continues, but other ports remain open, according to GAC Hot Port News.

Only oil shipments from Aden Refinery are getting out, but dry cargo movement has stopped as dockers refuse to work under fire.

The Yemeni Red Sea ports of Hodeidah, Saleef, Mokha and Ras Isa are operating normally as there are no hostilities in the area. Offshore terminals are also functioning.

The still-open ports are so far not under blockade by any naval forces of the Saudi Arabian coalition, and no vessels been hindered from calling.

But an Iranian destroyer, which is considered the largest combatant ship afloat with the exception of rare cruisers, is supposedly hunting for pirates off the Yemeni coast, and whose gunnery could outclass the Saudi armour deployed in maritime port environments.

Source : HKSG.

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