20 Mei 2015

[200515.EN.SEA] MSC's No 1, Maersk's No 2, Evergreen No 3, CMA CGM No 4 in TEU Rankings

THERE has been a fundamental shift in global shipping company standings from 2014 to 2015, which radically re-arranged the top 10, according to Datamyne statistics published by the American Journal of Transportation.

The Italian-Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) now takes the top spot from Denmark's Maersk Line, the long-standing No 1 global industry rankings.

MSC, since the first quarter of 2014 to the first three months of this year, has gained 13.61 per cent in container volume to 507,935 TEU, just as Maersk lost 9.15 per cent with its current holding of 430,158 TEU.

The new No 3 is Taiwan's Evergreen, displacing France's CMA CGM, which slipped into No 4 spot.

Evergreen over the same period gained 14.75 per cent to 362,505 TEU. Curiously, CMA CGM actually gained 17.97 per cent in volume to 336,821 TEU, but not enough to deny Evergreen the No 3 spot.

Germany's Hapag-Lloyd, despite its tumultuous merger with Chile's CSAV, remains at No 5 with a 1.25 increase in box holdings of 277,427 TEU.

The new No 6 is Korea's Hanjin Shipping, which gained 3.16 per cent in volume to 275,833 TEU, displacing Cosco to No 7 spot with its 20.25 per cent volume gain to 252,277 TEU.

Singapore's APL is the new No 8, up from 10th place, with a volume gain of 21.84 per cent to 234,750 TEU.

"K" Line is the new No 9, displacing MOL, which has been banished from the top 10. "K" Line is up 16.93 per cent in volume to 202,636 TEU.

The new No 10 is Taiwan's Yang Ming, up from 14th place, with a 18.41 gain in volume to 183,421 TEU.

Source : SN-TR.

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