31 Mei 2015

[310515.EN.SEA] New Asia-US East Coast Zim Seven Star Express Loop Sails May 29

ISRAELI flag carrier Zim has announced the commencement of its new express South Asia-US east coast service starting May 29.

The Zim Seven Star Express (Z7S) will connect South China, south east Asia and the Indian subcontinent with the US east coast via the Suez Canal, deploying ten 5,000 and 6,500-TEU vessels.

Weekly sailing will rotate through Shenzhen-Dachan Bay, Shenzhen-Yantian, Cai Mep, Singapore, Colombo, (Suez transit), New York, Savannah, Norfolk, (Suez transit), Singapore and back to Shenzhen-Dachan Bay.

The Z7S service offers the fastest transit time from Vietnam and from Indian ports via Colombo to the US, also catering for emerging markets in the South Asian region via Singapore and Colombo hubs, said the Zim statement.

Z7S also offers one of the fastest available connections to New York, joining our existing network and expanding Zim's logistics solutions for the Asia-US trade, as part of our strategy".

"The inauguration of the Z7S service marks the new Zim's initiative to provide smart and exceptional solutions to our customers," said Zim president and CEO Rafi Danieli.

"This service is an additional phase of Zim's strategy to respond to customers' needs, as we have recently done with the 'extra loaders' from Asia to the US east coast.

"We are certain that it will best serve our customers and strengthen our position on this major trade route," he said.

Source : SN-TR, 25.05.15.

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