30 Mei 2015

[300515.EN.BIZ] Shippers Can Avoid Hidden Costs Through System Improvements: Study

SHIPPING software and services provider Advanced Distribution Solutions Inc (ADSI), is urging shippers to measure the dimensional weight of shipments, eliminate data entry errors and make more use of regional carriers.

The advice is contained in a new white paper from the Chicago ADSI consultancy entitled "Seven Practical Tips to Eliminate Hidden Shipping Costs".

Shippers are encouraged to eliminate data entry errors, particularly, in invoicing and delivery information and to use regional carriers to take advantage of greater negotiating leverage to secure lower rates and surcharges, reported American Shipper.

"Many companies have significantly reduced their shipping costs by implementing a multi-carrier shipping solution that allows them to compare carrier rates and automate document production," the ADSI study said.

"However, you can realise even greater savings by ensuring that your shipping system is configured to pre-empt many common issues that result in hidden freight costs," said the report.

Source : HKSG.

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