27 Mei 2015

[270515.EN.BIZ] LA, Long Beach Recruit Joint Working Groups From Supply Chain Players

THE ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have announced the creation of working groups focusing on peak season operations and terminal optimisation to seek greater efficiency.

Members of working groups will be drawn from shipping lines, cargo owners, labour, railways, trucking and equipment owners, reports the American Journal of Transportation.

The Peak Season 2015 working group will be the first, meeting in early June to optimise effort to build economic benefits the port complex provides to the region.

Within Peak Season 2015, there will be seven working groups: Container Terminal Optimisation, chassis, off-dock solutions, key performance indicators/data solutions, intermodal rail and drayage.

The effort springs from an agreement approved by the Federal Maritime Commission that allows the neighbouring ports to discuss new efficiencies.

The Supply Chain Optimisation Steering Committee ¡V comprised of port leaders ¡V is reaching out to stakeholders across the industry for participants for the seven working groups, starting with the Peak Season 2015 working group.

Source : HKSG.

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