15 Januari 2014

[150114.EN.AIR] Swiss Competition Body Fines Cathay, SIA For Cartel Dealings

SWISS competition commission WEKO has fined 11 airlines CHF11 million (US$12 million) after it found they had colluded in an air freight pricing cartel, Reuters reported.

WEKO said that the airlines included Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, British Airways, United Continental, American and Air France.

The airlines agreed on freight rates, fuel surcharges, war-risk surcharges, customs clearance surcharges for the United States and the commissioning of surcharges, which together contribute to the price of air freight transport, between 2000 and 2005, WEKO said.

WEKO said that Lufthansa escaped a fine because it informed on the others.

Source : HKSG, 15.01.14.

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