10 September 2015

[100915.EN.SEA] APM Terminals Buys 11 Terminals To Expand Capacity in Latin America

MAERSK's global port operator APM Terminals (APMT) is buying 11 container ports from Spanish shipping and logistics group Perez y Cia in what Nordea Markets estimates to be EUR1.35 billion (US$1.5 billion) deal, Reuters reports.

The deal will increase APMT's container ports from 63 to 74 and include terminals in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

APMT chief executive Kim Fejfer said the deal would make the company better prepared to handle new alliances among container shipping companies and their mega-ships.

APMT is the world's third largest container port operator after Singapore's PSA International and Hong Kong's Hutchison Port Holdings.

"It seems like a healthy bolt-on purchase, in an industry with much more stability than some of the other of Maersk's business areas," said analyst Jacob Pedersen at Sydbank.

This is the list of Grup Maritim terminals and their annual capacities: Barcelona Muelle Sur (TCB), 1.4 million TEU; Valencia Muelle de Levante (TCV) with 900,000 TEU; Terminal Polivalente de Castellon with 300,000 TEU; Terminal de Conetenedores de Gijon (TCG) with 90,000 TEU, all of which are in Spain.

In the Canary Islands. there is Tenerife Dique del Este/El Bufadero with 350,000 TEU capacity and La Palma Santa Cruz de la Palma with a capacity of 25,000 TEU.

And in Turkey, there is the Izmir EGE Gubre Terminal (TCE EGE) with a 400,000 TEU annual capacity. In Mexico, there is the Progreso Terminal de Contenodores de Yucatan (TCY) of 100,000 TEU. In Colombia Buenaventura T de Contenedores de Buenaventura (TCBuen) with 200,000 TEU. In Brazil, Paranagua Terminal de Conteineres de Paranagua (TCP) with 650,000 TEU and in Guatemala, the Puerto Quetzal Terminal de Contenedores Quetzal (TCQ) rated at 340,000 TEU.

Source : HKSG.

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