12 September 2015

[120915.ID.BIZ] What's In The Box? Oakland Has a Look at What Goes In And Out Of Its Port

THE Port of Oakland moves 99 per cent of the containerised cargo that comes through Northern California and decided to look into what was in the boxes crossing their docks.

There was a lot of furniture, glassware and machinery coming into the US through Oakland while export containers were filled with edible fruit and nuts, meat and beverages, reported the American Journal of Transportation.

Using Datamyne statistics, the top commodities through Oakland in 2014 were 120,281 TEU of furniture, bedding and lamps; 47,738 TEU in packaging to support the beverage industries; 42,060 TEU of glass and glassware, 39,899 TEU of machinery; 38,816 TEU of electrical machinery; 145,890 TEU of wood pulp (used in making furniture, paper and hardboard; 80,756 TEU of edible fruits and nuts; 53,747 TEU of meat and fish; 40,214 TEU of beverages, spirits and vinegar and 31,995 TEU of grain and seeds.

Source : HKSG.

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