23 September 2015

[230915.EN.BIZ] Mega Ships Here To Stay, Like It Or Not, Says Maersk's North America Chief

MORE mega ships are on the way "like it or not", says Maersk Line North America Michael White CEO Michael White.

They will require more cooperation between terminals, shipping lines and cargo interests to ease congestion at ports, he said.

"Sometimes we're quick to blame others for the challenges we face, rather than collectively finding solutions," he told the South Carolina International Trade Conference.

"The big ships are coming. They're no surprise. They didn't sneak up on us. We've been talking about them for years," said Mr White, adding, "Everyone has a role to play."

Mr White asserts that carriers' large ships and vessel-sharing agreements are a rational reaction to falling rates, while still meeting anticipated growth demand, reported Vancouver's Ship & Bunker.

"I think that's something that is just a reality. All carriers have to find a way to reduce costs... and reducing your average slot cost is a big element of that," said Mr White.

"I think big ships are an opportunity, and like it or not there are going to be more of them."

Source : HKSG.

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