28 September 2015

[280915.EN.SEA] Djibouti, Bills Self 'Dubai of Africa' Plans to Make Nigeria Big Cargo Hub

DJIBOUTI is finalising plans to launch a sea, air cargo service to west, east and central Africa from Nigeria, reported This Day of Lagos.

Speaking at a business forum organised by the Djibouti Consulate, Djbouti Port chairman Abubakar Omar Hadi said his country was adopting a proactive approach towards connecting intra-African trade.

"We are developing the sea-air cargo business to serve countries, which have to endure unreasonably long transits for goods coming from Asia," said Mr Hadi.

"This has been handicapping the business community for many years and the development of sea-air cargo services especially for high value goods will be a great solution," he said.

Mr Hadi said Djibouti had invested millions in infrastructure to meet the demands of becoming a multi-modal regional hub for East Africa as well as being a key player in connecting Africa through rail and air.

"When it comes to sea port services we have been very successful in putting Djibouti on the world map and it is evident to all that we are making rapid advances in this sector by building four brand new ports," he said.

Earlier, Sifax Group vice Taiwo Afolabi urged Nigerian businessmen and investors to take advantage of the emerging economic opportunities in the country, adding that Djibouti is positioned to become the Dubai.

Dr Afolabi, also Djibouti's honorary consul in Nigeria, noted that his country enjoys the advantage of a stable political system, strategic location on a busy maritime route and a friendly business environment.

"The trade mission will provide a platform for interested parties to explore and interact effectively with a view to making an informed decision on available opportunities," he said.

Source : SN-TR.

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