29 September 2015

[290915.EN.BIZ] World's Box Ship Fleet Hits 20 Million TEU Mark - With More To Come

THE global container fleet's capacity has swelled to 20 million TEU, with the biggest shipowner being Denmark's might Maersk Line.

Maersk has with three million TEU of the world's capacity (15 per cent). This year new vessel capacity ordered exceeded the number of annual contracts placed over the last seven years.

If the proposed merger between Cosco and China Shipping occurs, this could change fleet owner rankings, with both Chinese carriers moving up to fourth place, behind the world's top three, reports London's Port Technology International.

One of the highlights of the growth in the global fleet is a total of 1.2 million TEU of shipping capacity being added this year alone, owing to the delivery of 152 new vessels.

Over the next few years, the total cellular capacity of the world fleet is set to rise even further as a number of ocean liners take delivery of more mega-ships with capacities ranging from 19,000 to 20,000 TEU.

Source : HKSG.

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