12 Juli 2016

[120716.EN.BIZ] DHL On-time Delivery From Taiwan to Germany of Lenovo Unit's IT Gear

DHL GLOBAL Forwarding has announced the on-time completion of German consumer electronics manufacturer Medion's first multimodal rail delivery from Taiwan to Europe.

The Lenovo unit was the first to try DHL's rail service from Xiamen, which cuts shipping time by half compared to ocean freight and costs by two-thirds compared to air freight.

Makers of smartphones, laptops, personal computers and video cameras in Germany, Medion's products are distributed across Europe, the UK, US, Canada and Asia.

Taiwan to Xiamen products moved by sea and then by rail journey through Chengdu to Lodz in Poland, thence to Germany.

Said DHL chief Steve Huang: "As 'Belt and Road' comes into force, we expect rail to undergo a renaissance for European and Chinese enterprises, particularly those working with electronics and manufacturing hubs along our routes like Taichung and Xiamen."

Source : HKSG.

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