28 Juli 2016

[280716.EN.BIZ] Rivals MSC, CMA CGM Tie-up In Backing TRAXENS Box Tracker

THE WORLD's second biggest container shipping company, Geneva-based MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) the second largest, Marseilles' CMA CGM have joined in backing French start-up, TRAXENS container monitoring software provider.

Founded in 2012, TRAXENS has been developing unique solutions for the cargo logistics arena, and has created an innovative container monitoring and coordination system, said the MSC-CMA CGM joint statement.

With a combined fleet of 4.5 million boxes these two transport 25 per cent of the world's shipping containers.

The agreement involves CMA CGM and MSC investment with each having a seat on the TRAXENS board.

The deployment of the TRAXENS devices across the fleets of both carriers will be announced in late this year, said the statement.

Said MSC president and CEO Diego Aponte: "We see container monitoring as an important innovation when we compete on service, but we co-operate in technology and innovation."

Said CMA CGM vice chairman Rodolphe Saade: "We recognised the need for more and better data coming from our containers quite a while ago. We are proud to have identified the potential of the TRAXENS solution early on."

Said TRAXENS founder and CEO Michel Fallah: "Our solution was designed to be a global solution for all container companies. This is an encouraging step towards setting a market standard."

Source : HKSG.

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