30 Juli 2016

[300716.EN.BIZ] Ahrma Designs a 'Smart' Pallet

DUTCH start-up Ahrma has launched a "revolutionary" smart pallet that combines the best characteristics of both wooden and plastic pallets.

By using a technique of spraying the PU-Coating Elastocoat-C of BASF on a specially developed wood composite inner structure, developed by Greenpanel, Ahrma has created a pallet that is more durable and lighter than other types of pallets. The pallet is produced in components and assembled with a special adhesive at the first point of usage.

Currently a small group of triple-A launching customers are commercially testing this "pallet loaded with innovation," a company statement said.

"The pallet industry hasn't shown any major innovation in the last 50 years," said managing director Erik de Bokx. "Ahrma aims to be a frontrunner in this industry by adapting The Internet of Things in logistics," he said.

The embedded transponder in each pallet has several radio-protocols: a long-range protocol for factory and warehouse wide coverage and a short-range protocol for smartphone scanning.

Transponders communicate with intelligent low cost receivers that are mounted at strategic places on the customer premises.

Such an intelligent system offers great benefits in the reuse of transport packaging market as all assets can be tracked & traced in real time with very little operator input and minimal costs and minimal investments in infrastructure.

Furthermore, the transponder allows for measurement of acceleration, temperature and weight, allowing users to access operational data through the company's supply chain big data system.

Source : HKSG.

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