15 Juli 2016

[150716.EN.BIZ] Iperindo Joins Marintec Indonesia to Help Transform Indonesia Into a Maritime Power

INDONESIA's Shipbuilding & Offshore Association (Iperindo) has officially declared its support to Marintec Indonesia, the leading business event and learning platform for the maritime industry in Indonesia, which is to be held in Jakarta from November 23-25.

Organiser UBM Indonesia said in a statement that Marintec will gather 150 local and international companies, which will share technology, insight and create real growth opportunities for Indonesia and the region.

Eddy Logam was appointed chairman of Iperindo five months before President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo officially took the country's highest office in October 2014. Iperindo's chairman is fully in line with President Jokowi's mission of building Indonesia into a maritime power.

President Jokowi knew he would face a steep path when he detailed his maritime vision during his October 2014 inauguration speech. But the president had found a perfect ally in Eddy Logam who, in May 2014, declared in an interview with The Business Times his mission as Iperindo's then incoming chairman to develop Indonesia into a "maritime nation."

Source : HKSG.

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