03 November 2016

[031116.EN.SEA] Maersk Enters 4-year Deal With BigOceanData For Vessel Tracking Service

VESSEL tracker BigOceanData and Maersk Line have entered into a two-year agreement whereby BigOceanData will provide tracking services.

The initial system went live on August 1 and is already in use in operation centres around the world on both desktop and mobile devices.

BigOceanData is now working with Maersk Line to optimise the vessel tracking system for their in-house systems.

BigOceanData is initially being used to track Maersk Line's fleet, 630 vessels, using fused satellite and terrestrial data feeds to deliver a reliable service capable of providing consistent position reports.

Maersk Line uses this information to optimise the performance of the fleet.

The BigOceanData system also supplies a wide range of additional environmental, navigation and security data which can then be integrated with clients' in-house systems, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Implementation of this service with Maersk Line will allow a secure, two-way exchange of data between Maersk Line's systems and the BigOceanData interface, said the press statement.

Said Maersk's Global Vessel Performance Centre chief Stephan Martinussen: "We were impressed by the BigOceanData system during the evaluation process. It delivers a wide range of functionality and at the same time offers an interface that will integrate with our own systems with minimal disruption and maximum effectiveness."

Source : HKSG.

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