29 November 2016

[291116.EN.SEA] Creditor Sells 4 Hanjin Tankers to Unnamed HK Company For US$58.6m

FOUR tankers owned by bankrupt Hanjin Shipping have been sold by South Korea's Woori Bank for US$58.6 million in a bid to claw back some debt. The four tankers were aged eight and nine years old.

Woori did not identify the buyers by name, merely stating they were a Hong Kong-based company. The ships are expected to be handed over by year end, reported Splash 24/7.

"Woori Bank's successful sale of the vessels is expected to positively affect ship sales of other financial institutions," the bank said in a statement. Creditors plan to soon sell another 40 ships.

Since Hanjin Shipping sought court receivership at the end of August, most of its assets have been put up for sale.

Source : HKSG.

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