05 Desember 2013

[051213.EN.SEA] Ust-Luga Express Offers Weekly Container Rail To MANP Inland Terminal

A NEW weekly rail service, the Ust-Luga Express, has launched to offer shippers a regular and reliable rail service between Ust-Luga Container Terminal on the Baltic Sea to the MANP inland terminal, 45 kilometres south-west of Moscow.

The service, launched jointly by MANP Terminal and Avelana Logistics forwarding and customs brokering company, is unusual in that it accepts shipments as small as a single container.

"We want to offer shippers with just one or two containers the same advantages as our bigger customers," said MANP chief executive officer Maxim Tyomkin in a statement. "The train is particularly attractive for shipments during the winter season, when road haulage is more expensive and risks of delays are high."

The total price of intermodal transportation from Ust-Luga to Moscow, using the train to MANP terminal, and road on-carriage is significantly lower than all-road delivery.

"We also provide transfers from the terminal to final consignees in Moscow," said Mr Tyomki. An additional advantage of the service is that the cargo is not subject to the heavy-weight surcharge, usually applicable on road.

The 120-TEU Ust-Luga Express, takes 36 hours, leaving every Saturday and arriving at MANP early on Monday morning. It takes both bonded and unbonded cargo.

There has been significant investment in the facilities at MANP since it was acquired by Global Container Service (GCS) in 2006, with both rail and hard-standing infrastructure upgraded and bonding warehousing created.

Source : HKSG.

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