12 Desember 2013

[121213.EN.BIZ] Chinese IT Giant Huawei Opens Logistics Centre Near Budapest

INFORMATION and communications technology giant Huawei recently celebrated the completion of a logistics centre upgrade in Biatorbagy, a few kilometres west of Budapest.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Xiao Qian attended the inauguration ceremony, Xinhua reports.

The logistics centre has a warehouse of 30,000 square metres. According to Huawei's plan, the logistics centre's import and export volume is expected to reach US$1.5 billion, and the logistics throughput to reach 500,000 cubic metres at the end of this year.

The facility is intended to handle the transport and storage of products destined for the European, North African, Russian, and Middle East markets.

"The only countries that will remain standing and that have the chance to become winners in the post-recession world are those which are open to China and where Chinese businesses are present," said Prime Minister Orban said at the ceremony.

Xiao Qian said that Huawei made a positive contribution to the promotion of local employment and economic and social development in the past nine years. Huawei is an example of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, common development, he said.

Hungary has become Huawei's second largest global supply chain network hub location. Huawei started its European supply centre in Hungary in 2009.

Source : HKSG.

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