09 Desember 2013

[091213.EN.SEA] SITC and Sinotrans to Launch a Japan-Bohai Loop to Osaka and Kobe

SITC and Sinotrans have launched a weekly Japan-Bohai Sea service from Dalian, Xingang, Weihai and Yantian to Osaka and Kobe this week, reports Alphaliner.

The new TYS/WDS string will be a butterfly loop rotating through the ports of Xingang, Yantai, Osaka, Kobe, Weihaii, Dalian, Osaka, Kobe and back to Xingang.

The service will turn in two weeks deploying two ships, the 847-TEU Sinotrans Xiamen and the 907-TEU Indigo Sapphire, chartered by SITC and formerly known as the Hanjin Semarang.

The new loop will encompass the current Sinotrans North China-Osaka-Kobe service, which rotates through Xingang, Yantai, Osaka, Kobe and back to Xingang.

Source : HKSG.

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