08 Maret 2014

[080314.] DP World London Gateway Takes Ships Unable To Call At Other UK Ports

DP WORLD London Gateway is aiding supply chain reliability as it takes in vessel calls on an ad hoc basis while other UK ports face closures and congestion during bad weather. 

Ten vessels have made diversionary calls to London Gateway since Christmas as weather conditions impact other ports' landside, waterside and rail terminal operations while London Gateway has remained open throughout.

DP World London Gateway's ability to continue operating when other ports have stopped operations is welcome news as shippers are seeking reliability for deliveries to go as planned, said UK's leading DIY retailer B&Q.

"Importers order stock months in advance with an expected date for goods to be on the shelf. It is difficult to predict if and when weather causes delays, but the impact can generate problems along supply chains, with backlogs taking days to clear after a port's operations are halted," said the B&Q spokesman, 

Source : HKSG.

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